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SiennaCorp is an Asia focused offshore services provider.  Through industry-leading legal expertise, it has redesigned this complex process to be simpler and faster for both law firms and end-customers. It designed its systems around Chinese and Asian customers and employs international level lawyers and corporate secretaries to execute complex offshore arrangements quickly and effectively.  

SiennaCorp’s core values are below:

-   Business is designed and run by the leading China-based offshore legal talent

-  Process is managed by experienced Chinese bilingual staff. They are trained and empowered to manage the whole process and resolve issues with local management expertise

-   Strong service culture focusing on diligence, speed and process simplification.  SiennaCorp leads the  industry in process simplification, only possible through management’s extensive legal experience

-   Experienced in offshore litigation management and complex fund structuring 

SiennaCorp is well known for its series of simplified forms to streamline offshore company formation, Anti-Money Laundering and other regulatory compliance.  Along with a dedicated account manager, this combination of technology and service shows the focus of SiennaCorp on solving complex issues quickly for its clients. 

SiennaCorp’s dedicated and specialised service teams, qualified with both expert industry knowledge and a deep understanding of local needs, are committed to providing such reliable and professional services and solutions to clients, wherever it may be. 

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