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SiennaCorp, is supported by its reliable and professional service teams based around the world.  It offers legal advisory services through association with Sienna Law and its cooperative offshore legal partners. In addition, it offers fiduciary execution solutions for companies and high-net-worth individuals for their offshore needs and help remain compliant with local and global requirements in different jurisdictions.

Our specialist service teams can assist with a wide variety of offshore services and solutions including:

     -       Offshore legal advisory services

     -       Offshore litigation management

     -       Incorporation of offshore companies

     -       Incorporations of different forms of Australian companies

     -       Establishment of offshore trusts

     -       Corporate secretarial services to manage and administer offshore structures

     -       Offshore liquidation services

SiennaCorp offers a full suite of tailored services and solutions for our clients to pursue their business objectives. If you require further information about our services or solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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